Politically Incorrect Turkish Humor — ‘The Lout’ Cartoon-strip Series

Many of you presently know how Peri and I like the Turkish cartoon-humor of ‘Maganda’ (The Lout), the cartoon-strip that we first located in Gözcü Gazetesi (The Watchman Newspaper) 6 or seven decades in the past. We have appreciated the cartoon-collection on numerous concentrations…since of its price in helping us clarify the meaning of Turkish idioms and cultural ‘idiosyncrasies’ — and simply because of its pure cartoonist humor, ordinarily relatively politically-incorrect, that makes us snicker.

In the standard cartoon example viewed here, when The Lout is caught in flagrante dilecto by his spouse in their marital bed with a fairly younger stranger, the wife shouts, “Whaaat?! You might be in my mattress…with a further female, huh?” The Lout, in his normal dim-witted and weaselly way, attempts to justification his conduct expressing, “Don’t be indignant, my dear spouse…I can describe. You see, although you were being absent, this young girl dropped by to acquire donations for charity. Right after I gave her some of your previous attire and footwear, she asked, ‘Is there everything else that your spouse doesn’t use?’ — So that is how we landed in mattress.”

For most of the many years soon after we found the cartoon collection, the cartoonist was Volkan Atalay — up by the finish of 2005, in reality. But in 2006, the cartoon-strip obtained a title improve and a new cartooning artist. It is nevertheless as captivating as ever, but it truly is now referred to as ‘Kaygisiz’ — which basically implies ‘carefree, untroubled’. Figuratively talking, ‘Kaygisiz’ also carries a type of a MAD Journal, Alfred E. Newman, ‘What Me Worry’ connotation. And while the cartooning is now carried out by Ergin Asyali, the key loutish character is unmistakably the same that Volkan Bey very first released.

Now, the concern is… what took place to Volkan Bey? We’ve desired to contact him to thank him for the several yrs he entertained us — and served us demonstrate Turkish language details on our web-site. But we haven’t had any luck. In the event you loved this article and you would love to receive more info with regards to naruto yvela seria kindly visit our own web page. If 1 of our viewers knows how we may possibly arrive at him, remember to drop us a line… Else, place him to this short article so that he may know of our appreciative admiration for his superlative cartooning artistry.

Jim and (co-creator) Perihan Masters are a spouse and spouse group, dwelling on the Aegean Coast of Turkey just 50 miles south of Izmir. Jim was born in Shanghai, China — of American army parentage. Peri was born on the Black Sea coastline of Turkey near Trabzon, of Turkish military parentage…Enticed by a Monetary Occasions advertisement, Jim joined a NATO sponsored organization in Ankara in 1974 wherever he fulfilled the gorgeous and brainy Perihan, a increasing young Turkish banking government. Settled now in the heart of what was as soon as the ancient Ionian Empire — the pair dwell an idyllic life by the sea.. writing, drawing and portray, instructing English, and offering computing provider help to nearby

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